Bamboo Balauster, Bamboo Door , Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Balauster, Bamboo Door , Bamboo Flooring

Two City bamboo Glulam plywood as a substrate material with superior quality to be widely used used in home, building decoration, home depot, children’s toys, transport equipment and sports equipment and many other fields, especially as a new type of furniture base material has been mass used.  Two City bamboo industry is professional processing of bamboo furniture Glulam plywood, it has  high quality-affordable-high flat- good rules- pieced together closely- without splicing-color unified and was favored and respected by all of the clients.

Cross Bamboo panel the strength is 5 times than single horizontal or vertical bamboo panel,and high structural stability , and beautiful grain / texture , and Eco-friendly and Health materials
which is ideal to used in  furniture, door, cabinet, counter top , worktop ,
kitchen tops and kitchen and bathroom crafts etc


Bamboo panel colors  Carbonized ( Chocolate or caramel )  and Natural ( White ) 

Bamboo panel used as bamboo flooring, bamboo door, bamboo balauster

Bamboo floor usually is Vertical pressed or  Horizontal pressed bamboo panel

Bamboo door is Cross Vertical pressed.

Bamboo Balauster is Cross Vertical and Cross Horizontal structure panels.


Cross Horizontal pressed bamboo panel

Cross Horizontal has two structures of Cross Horizontal + Horizontal + Horizontal

 with each bamboo strand is 20mm, 

and Cross Horizontal + Vertical + Horizontal

 with each bamboo strand one top / bottom layer is 20mm,

 and middle layer is 5-6mm.

Cross Bamboo panel the strength is 5 times than single horizontal or vertical bamboo panel,

and high structural stability , and beautiful grain / texture , and Eco-friendly and Health materials

which is ideal to used in  furniture, door, cabinet, counter top , worktop ,

kitchen tops and kitchen and bathroom crafts etc..

Regular length 1000mm、2000mm、2200mm、2500mm、3000mm

Width is 5mm-1250mm

thickness 1.5mm to 100mm. 


And regular structure and size is:







 Cross horizontal 





Cross horizontal 





Bamboo panels  compared to  hardwood beech wood :

Bamboo panel Solidity : 32HB  (  beech wood only 24HB)

Bamboo panel Density : 0.79g/cm3beech wood only 0.63g/cm3) 
Bamboo panel  compressive strength : 1271kg/cm2beech wood 600kg/cm2) 
Bamboo panel Moisture Rate8%12% 

Bamboo panel glue: E0 and E1 grade with standard to ANSI-3.